Beauty and the Beach

Having returned from a week long beach-cation in Krabi and Koh Samui, I still crave for my afternoon naps by the shore. With my heart and soul still left there (no really, see my Insta-feed), here are my top 10 beauty essentials from a not-so-beauty-junkie.


A beach vacation requires a lot more than just sunblock, however less is definitely more when packing your beach bag. While swimsuits, flip flops and, fedoras are obvious vacay must-haves, the following 10 products gallivanted around with me while island hopping and being a complete beach bum!

1.  Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Spray

A water-resistant spray-on sunscreen that is easy in application, dries quickly and is heavy-duty SPF. Formulated for those long beach days, it is a colorless mist so you don’t have to worry about those white patches or getting your hands messy.


2. Rexona Invisible Dry

Pretty self-explanatory but perfect for those pre and post dips in the pool or beach.


3. Banana Boat Aloe Vera

Just what was needed after long days in the sun, repeatedly. Soothes your skin and helps endure any sunburns, dry or chapped skin.


4. Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Mist Heavenly

Just like it’s name, the scent is heavenly; soft and not overpowering! Rather than carrying a perfume, mists are a trusted substitute.


5. Bioderma Dermatological Water

Dermatological water, AKA face mist. Refreshing and gentle to the skin and best for oily/acne prone skin.


6. H2O

In case you forgot, you have to stay hydrated when catching waves and sun rays. Water is the ultimate beauty hack out there!


7. Foreo Luna Mini

A great travel companion for quick gentle exfoliation and breakouts after prolonged hours in the sun. I low-key use it for subtle face massages too… Nonetheless it helps to retain gentle firmness on your face.


8. Vaseline

Where do I begin with an endless list of Vaseline benefits. Not only used for chapped lips but also heals those “when did this happen” kinda wound.


9. Sunnies

Not the most qualifiable “beauty” product, but a guaranteed beauty savior to your eyes – yes, okay, yes? Protect yo eyes people!


10. Your beauty “beauty” self!


BRB, sobbing while I wish for salty waves and hot sand again.



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