Currently in Vegas as I write this…


A few weeks ago I visited a popular California burger joint, Umami Burger in Tokyo. Umami, which itself is a Japanese word that translates to savory in English. The restaurant chain in Tokyo is its very first international venture.


Opened in March, Umami Burger has created an immense buzz as this has been long awaited. The newly opened restaurant is located in Kita-Aoyama.


What really caught my attention and made me want to try it out was its Falafel burger. Being a vegetarian in Japan is tough, like really tough. Compared to nearly a decade ago things have substantially improved, however it still is a struggle. So, you could imagine how delighted I was seeing a vegetarian burger on the menu – that too a falafel one!


The burger was good – but would I go again? Hmmm probably not? The burger was too dry for my liking. They are known for their meat patty burgers so I don’t blame them. I think I was more excited of seeing a vegetarian burger on the menu than the burger itself as very few places in Tokyo serve them.

Photo for proof!

Nonetheless, I liked the wooden interiors, fancy chandeliers and my favourite was the neon Umami sign!


On a side note, if any non-meat eaters are looking for a delicious vegetarian burger in Tokyo, definitely try out the Hard Rock Cafe’s “Veggie Leggie” burger – it surely won’t disappoint!


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