Dress: Zara | Flats: Roger Vivier 

It’s just a matter of a few more weeks before the summer heat is in full swing here in Tokyo. To ease up the trouble before scorching hot days, I chopped nearly 15cm off my hair today!

Is it just me or is it that taming your hair during the summers is the hardest thing to do?! Hair almost feels like a thermal blanket locking the heat on your head. So it was only about time to minimize the volume and length – and that’s exactly what I did!


My hair growth is on the rapid side. Ever since I was young I dealt with the problem of TOO much volume! I’m lucky that my hair grows fast, but that also means making a trip to the salon every 3-4 months is essential!


Having just cut my hair in February, I was back at the salon today to a) reduce the volume and b) add layers. I’ve always been a fan of layers. It’s a great way to add movement, helps frame your face and removes the excess weight off from heavy/limpy hair.


After having cut 15cm off my head feels so much lighter and relieved. My hair comes right below my shoulders and the perfect length that I wanted for the summers.


It’s all about the easy, breezy and light manageable summer hair!

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